Quality Policy

Makhavi Arabia Contracting Co. provides full time quality assurance Inspection to the customer. It is explicit policy of our company to provide service to customer and meet their demanding expectation in conformal with the highest standard and highest quality. We monitor our quality effectiveness strictly implementing quality policy as this is the way to uphold our company in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our total commitment is to enter in the International Standard Organization being one of the best companies in quality effectively.

Safety and security is an integral part of our daily work activity: it is our objective to efficiently achieve our construction targets without compromising on safety aspects of our personnel, equipment plant as well as the community. Our company is committed to take all kinds of reasonable measure for the safety health and environment of our workers on each every activity. As the proper usage of all protective gears is of paramount significance, the employees at Makhavi Arabia Contracting Co. strive to achieve our customer's goals and work to prevent accident and injuries at our client's sites.