Port Cabin

Port cabin in Saudi Arabia is the emerging new concept in construction industries. Port cabins are more protective against stringent environment and yet economical. The standard module for spatial array, & use light steel structure with sandwich panel wall & steel to make it simple beautiful and comfort for short work cycle.

Floors :

Floor is made of 18mm wood supported and fixed on steel tubes 40X40

Welded on the chassis with equal intervals of 35 Cm. Faeneel chassis

Chassis :

Chassis is made of 12 Cm.

I — Beams lengthwise and Widthwise Welded at equal Intervals


Walls made of iron frames tubes parallel 40 x 40 size clothing from abroad Alluah Cement Board Brovair paint painted by color chosen. Followed by a layer of insulation thickness of 4 cm and wear from the inside Boarded gypsum board painted by color upon which we agreed


Outside of the roof consists of a metal, a brick by two In the form of a pyramid, followed by a layer of insulation thickness of 5 cm It is installed on the Plaut of 6 mm and is installed Alblaot The niobate and Zoya 40 x 40 and have internal ceiling From the ceiling nickname chosen by color

Plumbing :

Kitchen are Furnished with a sink on the top of a closet. Bathroom are fur-nished with shower, washing basin, European or Arabic Toilet as Requested. All Pipes are PVC pipes & provide bathrooms & kitchens suitable suction fan

Electrical :

All wirring at the units are Concealed in the ceiling through PVC conduit pipes from the panel board and circuit breakers to the lighting fixtures and air conditions.